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Who We Are

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Parker Long

Hi! I'm Parker Long ( Producer, director, and co-founder of No Place Like HomeI am dedicated to exposing the River Rally through video.

Shelby Negosian

Hi! I'm Shelby Negosian ( Director and co-founder of No Place Like Home. I am an environmental activist. Previously I attended the River Rally, however, I was enlightened to the greenwashing of this act. I will continue to protest against this environmental facade and fight for my city. There can be no environmental progress with a disregard for human rights

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branding and mission

No Place Like Home is dedicated to protesting the River Rally. We will fight for our unhoused community while confronting the anti-homelessness of Los Angeles

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Green archetype: growth, fresh, prosperity

Juxtaposing the greens with the grays represents the emergence of life from a source deemed "unworthy." The concrete bowl of the wash serves as a trash can for the city, expelling our unhoused community to its depths. Yet from the concrete, from nothing, a community rises. 

Gray archetype: lifeless, loss, dull

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